At Landscapes USA, we consider employees one of the greatest assets to our business. When employees are learning, feeling challenged and using their talents, we can continue to grow as a company. Our intent is that each employee that we hire is hired for life. We believe that when we challenge employees and reward them for their efforts, we are encouraging a long-term commitment that will benefit both the employee and the business. For this reason, your local operations manager is a partner and substantial owner in their local operation and in LUSA, giving them skin in the game.

Working at Landscapes USA isn’t just about earning the next pay check. We understand the importance of providing a positive work environment where our employees are encouraged to use their talents while learning new things. We offer training and open communication, so that each of our team members can develop professionally and personally.

A few tangible and intangible benefits you receive from working at Landscapes USA include:

  • Partnership track for those who meet stringent requirements
  • Leadership training
  • Yearly “Growing Up” Conference
  • Health Insurance
  • Paid holiday, vacation and sick leave
  • Employee appreciation events
  • Involvement in leading trade organizations
  • Employee Awards Program
  • Safety Seminars
  • Specific Job training
  • Education Reimbursement
  • Opportunity to Give Back