Thank you for the opportunity to introduce LUSA (Landscapes USA). We would enjoy exploring with you how we might build a partnership with your company. We are seeking to expand our representation in several key markets and are in the process of identifying a small group of superb operating companies to join our team.

At LUSA, we enjoy getting to know our colleagues in the industry. While it may be many years before you are ready to consummate a partnership with LUSA, we would like to get to know you now and keep in touch.

The following is a quick summary of our company and our expansion objectives, which we can discuss further in person if there is a potential interest on your part:

  • LUSA’s primary objective is to create a successful liquidity event for existing company owners, retain management as partners, plan the next ten years growth, and build your existing brand. We are especially attracted to owners who care about their clients, employees and brand. LUSA partners with owners to get a balanced successful transition for all involved.
  • LUSA Holdings, LLC. (dba Landscapes USA) is an Austin based holding company with current landscape maintenance operations in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Florida, Tennessee and Colorado. We are actively exploring and partnering with maintenance operations in the Southeast, Southwest and Midwest, while also expanding our current markets
  • Our management team has a long history in the commercial landscape maintenance and construction sectors. Dennis Dautel, our President and CEO, initially grew a landscape company to become the largest landscape operation in Texas and fourth largest in the country prior to joining with LandCare in 1998. With over 70 national and state awards, four time Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year and deep operating experience, Dennis brings a passion for seeing partners and friends succeed. LUSA’s leadership, structure and plans are all focused on helping landscape professionals maximize the use of their skills, assets and markets.
  • Our objective is to build a major closely held company in the landscape industry. We are focused on long term success and are particularly focused on building the right relationships with our clients and operating partners. We have access to sufficient capital in the private markets so that we do not feel the need to access the public market, which enables us to better focus on long term objectives.
  • We are highly focused on trying to structure win/win partnership transactions with additional landscape maintenance companies and we do not require a 100% acquisition. We prefer partial ownership structures, recapitalizations and other transaction approaches. We first try to understand the objectives of the owners and management, and try to build an operating and financial relationship which maximizes their success.