Dennis Dautel | CEO

Dennis is a recognized leader in the landscaping industry, with an outstanding track record of success spanning almost a quarter of a century. He was the founder and CEO of Clean Cut, Inc., which became part of LandCare. After growing Clean Cut to one of the largest companies of its type, with success based in large part on its unique style of management and client satisfaction programs, Clean Cut became the largest landscape maintenance subsidiary of LandCare after it went public on the NYSE. Dennis is also Co-Founder and past CEO of faithHighway, which produced and licensed television commercials to churches around the world which have been seen by tens of millions of viewers over a decade, as well as providing technology services and applications used by over ten thousand church and ministries clients across the USA. Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Kansas State University, as well as completing the “Birthing of Giants” graduate program at MIT. He is a four-time finalist of Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award; his companies have been the recipient of more than 70 state and national Environmental Improvement Awards and have appeared on Inc’s list of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies. Dennis currently serves on the Economic Board of Advisors at Kansas State University and has served as President of the Austin (TX) Chapter of Young Entrepreneurs, past member of the Young Presidents Organization and served Big Brothers for seven years. He also served the Texas Association of Landscape Contractors and Member of Associated Landscape Contractors of America, and Mission America Coalition. Dennis is a private pilot, and is married with four children.

Spencer Carlton | President/CFO

Spencer is a lifelong Austinite who has given generous amounts time and energy to the old hometown.  He’s worked with the Boys Scouts, served on the Caritas advisory board, and participated in Caritas food drives.  (Caritas is devoted to helping the homeless.)  At his boys’ high school, he’s been on the Board of Directors and, along with his wife, Dixie, twice taken on the demanding job of football Team Parent.  Their three football-playing sons—Brett, Reed, and Smith—are all in their 20s now; but whether the “nest” has emptied out is debatable.  A pet conure (member of the parrot family) named “Bird” still lives there and so does a ridiculously energetic young lab.

Spencer hunts, fishes, ranches, bikes, paddle boards, and exercises regularly.  His favorite vacation was a trip to Belize where he went spelunking and dived the Great Blue Hole.  Even when he isn’t participating in something active, he’s a big sports fan.  He roots for the Longhorns (Texas is his alma mater), Cowboys, Astros, and the US National Soccer Team.

Spencer is people oriented.  In his job, there is nothing he enjoys more than teaching others, helping them find success, and building a terrific work environment.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting – University of Texas
  • Certified Public Accountant

Daniel Stagg | Regional Vice President South East

Daniel began working, weekends and summers, while he was still a kid in middle school.  He wasn’t tossing newspapers, either; he was working cattle, felling trees, building fences, and doing other similarly challenging tasks.  He was well-prepared for hard work when he reached the “real world.”

Daniel (who grew up wanting to be a forest ranger) has always preferred being outside.  He’s been in the landscape industry since he graduated from college.  His experience in the industry, his great integrity, and his easy, skilled way in dealing with others, have made him an invaluable leader.

These days, he lives on a ranch with his wife, Michelle.  They share the land with horses (Michelle’s passion) and dogs.  In his free time, Daniel pursues activities like hunting, hiking, canoeing, and scuba diving.  He is involved with his church, and quick to give a helping hand where it’s needed.  Like many a good, native Floridian, Daniel spends fall Saturdays watching college football and yelling for the Gators.  And—again, in good Florida tradition—he makes an insanely yummy key lime pie.

Jerry L. DeJournett, ASLA | Vice President West Coast

Jerry is a high energy guy who golfs, hikes, hunts, fishes, rides bikes, skis, and boogie boards–sometimes all in the same day.  Or…maybe not all on the same day.  He is also a problem solver and a strong leader.  Happily, he adds to these qualities a friendly, quick-to-laugh personality, and a genuine enjoyment of others.

His favorite ‘others’ are family.  Toni, his fiancée, is as energetic and outdoorsy as he is.  Between them, Jerry and Toni have three sons—Quinton, 21, Dylan, 20, and Jake, who is 13.  A baby girl, a chocolate English lab, recently joined the crew.  She is guaranteed a lifetime of affection and tons of fun exercise.

Jerry grew up in Idaho.  He tells hair-raising tales involving large predators, like grizzlies and mountain lions.  Vacationing with his entire extended family is, he says, his favorite activity, and Costa Rica is “hands down” his favorite destination.  His current hometown of San Diego, however, is the place he most loves living.  He loves the beaches, the weather, the Padres, the golf courses, the restaurants, and (of course) the profusion of outdoor activities.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture – University of Idaho
  • Member of the American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Licensed Landscape Architect and Landscape Contractor in Oregon
  • Certified Rainbird Maxicom Technician/Programmer

Jacqui Stenglin | Human Resources Manager

As a kid, Jacqui wanted to be a Spanish teacher.  Then, in college, she spent an unforgettable six months studying in lovely Seville, Spain.  She graduated and moved to Austin, where her Spanish landed her a temporary position at a landscape company; and she has been working with Dennis ever since.  For many years now, she’s done this from her beloved hometown of Pittsburgh.  She doesn’t teach Spanish; but she uses it nearly every day.

Jacqui has raised up two sons—John (22) and Matthew (19)—who have both gone off to college.  (Happily the dog, Zoey, and cats, Blackjack and Mocha, have shown no interest in higher education.)  Jacqui spends a fair amount of time doing volunteer work through her church.  She is instrumental in the church’s annual “A Night to Remember,” which is a very special evening for special needs teens and adults; it has become a huge event.  Jacqui also coordinates Sunday morning volunteers, goes monthly to visit with women in a halfway house, and—several years ago—participated in a mission trip to El Salvador.  She’d like to take another mission trip in the future.

Jacqui also enjoys a good book, a spa or winery visit, bunco with friends, her small group Bible study, and evenings playing board games.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language and International Business Magna Cum Laude – Gannon University

Nancy Achilles | Controller

Nancy has over fifteen years’ experience in senior finance management positions, with over ten years’ experience as corporate controller. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from St. Mary’s University, and has been an active member of the Builders Owners Management Association, IFMA, and Chaparral Women’s Organization. She is married and has two children, and is active in Sunday School, PTA and Girl Scouts.

Heath Deen | Sales

Heath grew up a gregarious Louisiana boy, rooting for LSU Tiger football, and aspiring to someday be a missionary.  At 15, he took a life-altering trip to Venezuela.  The people there, with their “sincerity and authenticity,” completely won him over—not only to Venezuela, but to the whole of Latin America.  During the next several years, he took additional summer trips, primarily with missions, to that part of the world.  Eventually, he attended language school in Guatemala.  He also spent a year living in Mexico.  He’s been to numerous South and Central American nations by now and counts Chile as his favorite.  In that mountainous land, he is working to establish a language immersion school/Bible discipleship program.

Heath is married to Blanca, who hails from Mexico.  They have three kids—Hayden (10), Liam (7), and Valentina (2).  All are fluently bilingual.  Otis the dog is no doubt bilingual in really important words, like “walk.”

Heath is a volunteer translator at his church.  In his leisure time, his favorite activities are hanging out with family and traveling abroad.  His goals include getting the kids more involved in missions and, of course, continuing his work in Chile.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication & MBA – Oral Roberts University

Eric Johnson | CTO

Eric Johnson has been a business leader and company officer for 35 years. Primarily involved in business processes and using technology to improve operations, Eric has used software development as a tool, and as the world of technology shifts and changes so quickly, it is important to move with it and discover how to stay ahead. A deep analytical knowledge of operations and processes is required to make a product valuable to businesses. Eric makes constant re-tooling of the use of technology a backbone of how he works.

Eric has been a co-founder in 3 successful technology startups and has been heavily involved in leadership and operations in each. He is expanding his business management skill as well as technology skills at an equal pace these day’s and venturing in to franchise management is right on track for his goals.

Eric and his wife Stephanie have 5 children, Kelsey, Christopher, Nicholas, Andrew and Benjamin and have been married since 1998. Family is so important to them and they have taken quite a few family trips over the years and been able to bond with them in ways many families don’t take the time to do.

What is one thing that has helped you get to where you are today? “My wife Stephanie. She is so productive and full of life. I see it in my children and seeing her is a driving force for how I live each day.”

If you could sit down with one person, who would it be & why? “My grandfather Carl Bernard Johnson. He died before I could get to know him. But he started a business that is still going today and turned 100 years old in 2015.”

How do you balance home life with work life? “Never miss a baseball game or band concert. There is always a way to schedule work around family. And always a way to schedule family around work.”