We see the following as potential advantages for becoming part of our team:

  • Solid Platform – Your team can become part of a very successful national commercial landscape maintenance company while maintaining significant operating autonomy. We believe the strength of sharing best practices and economies of purchasing will increase your company’s long-term ability to continuously improve operations
  • Ideal Partner – We are one of the few expanding platforms of our type that is owned and run by landscape industry veterans.
  • Transaction Flexibility – We work with prospective partners to design a transaction that is optimal for them, based on their circumstances, which can include a combination of cash, notes and other elements. We can also contemplate special provisions for estate planning, such as the use of long-term annuities, if appropriate.
  • Tax Considerations – We are prepared to work closely with you and your tax counsel to be sensitive to the specific tax requirements, whether your company is structured as a C-Corp, an S-Corp, an LLC or any other form. One of the major advantages of considering a merger or recapitalization today is the substantial gap between ordinary income tax rates and capital gains rates. As we should be able to illustrate to you, a transaction with LUSA may have the ability to provide you significantly higher after-tax liquidity at an earlier date, at multiples to your current annual after-tax receipts.
  • Employee Opportunities – We are able to offer benefit programs to your employees that often are more attractive and more cost efficient than might be possible on a stand-alone basis. Given our growth plans, there will also be opportunities for strong employees in senior and middle management positions across our company.