Quick Contact

Trying to reach one of our local offices? See the list of cities below or fill out the form to get in touch with your local office. (If you want more details on each location or to reach our corporate team, check out our full contact page.)

Landscapes USA Offices

DFW Office: 214-775-2682

Jacksonville Office: 904-632-7171

Oklahoma Office: 405-858-0930

Orlando Office: 407-574-2133

Phoenix Office: 602-531-0051

San Diego Office: 858-625-0855

Other LUSA Brands

Elements Lawn & Landscape – Austin, TX

  • Landscaping: 512-306-0505
  • Lawn Care: 888-585-5296

GreenPros – Houston, TX: 712-974-5823

JBK Landscape – Denver, CO: 303-751-0192

Landscape Management Company – Atlanta, GA: 770-536-5044

PeachTree Landscape – Nashville, TN: 615-471-4733