We have certain key operating philosophies, which are likely important to you as a prospective partner:

  • We are incredibly client focused, with constant client contact. Service is the primary driver of growth.
  • We are also very employee focused, wanting our employees to build long term successful careers.
  • Our success is defined by that of our clients, employees and partners.
  • We encourage the operating company management to stay active.
  • We identify senior management and structure compensation to maximize their efforts through not only current compensation but also strong equity positions.
  • We recognize the value of operating company brands and promote individual company autonomy, with a relatively decentralized branding approach, although we are open to common branding if and when appropriate.
  • We can support our partner companies with excellent, cost effective sales programs, regardless of individual brand.
  • We support our partner companies with incremental financing, employee benefits programs, risk management programs, tax planning and administrative support that can drive cost efficiencies.
  • We have the ability to add dollars to the bottom line through economies of scale in all areas of operations, including purchasing, financing, benefits, sales, marketing, accounting and administrative functions.