Your first few years (0 to 3) at Landscapes USA will involve a lot of time for learning and experiencing the three major services involved in Landscaping.

You will spend time on crews rotating between:

  • Landscape Maintenance: By spending time with crews you will learn all the major processes and attributes of landscape maintenance.
  • Landscape Enhancements: This entails learning many different construction techniques and plant identification. You will pull both softscapes and hardscapes together to form functional outdoor environments.
  • Irrigation Technician: Water is an essential and valued resource used to create outdoor environments. Learning how to deliver water to the right place at the right time in a conservative manner takes an immense amount of knowledge and skill. We will teach you!

Simultaneously you will be studying to obtain specific PLANET certifications. Each year you will complete a new certification until you are a Certified Landscape Professional. (You can always move faster). In addition, you will work to receive your irrigation and pest control certifications (fees paid by the company of course).

You will then move on to your Foreman and Study Years.

To apply to become part of the LUSA Team, contact the recruiting department.

Phone: 512-567-3465